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The day when it had all begun……


My mobile phone rang.

I woke up, startled. I reached out from underneath the blankets for my mobile phone from the side table.


“SooKyung ah. Where are you?” I recognised that squealing voice – it was YooBin.

“Hmm. Bed,” I replied sheepishly. My eyelids were betraying me, I was drifting back to sleep.

“What? In bed? Don’t you know what time it is??” I know what is going to happen next when YooBin’s voice goes like this. I quickly ended the phone conversation, forced my eyes to open, kicked my blankets out of the way and climbed out of bed. I stood there, looking around the room for what I should do next.

My bedroom is the most modest one anyone will ever find. It sits on the north wing of my little apartment. I always kept things neat and in place. There is a study table by the huge windows – I always love windows in rooms. It was always all the breeze and light that filled up the room that is the essence of being in it.

Then, there is the wardrobe that stood next to it. That wardrobe. It was the only thing i disliked in the room. It was not like those cupboards where people use for their wardrobe. Mine was a messy rack with uniforms and dull coloured clothes hung on it without care. I had thought it looked like one of those in celebrities dressing rooms when I first saw it at one of those garage sales before buying it at a humble price.

That was all the furniture on that side of the room. To the left, on the floor at the corner was a soft cushion seat which YooBin bought it for me last Christmas. It was in the shape of a teddy bear face. She had always complained that there wasn’t anything cushy in the room. On the same side of the room, a standing full size mirror and a side table, with skincare products which were hand-me-downs from YooBin, stood side by side. She had stuffed them to me whenever she changed her taste of the skincare products that she used.

Still scanning, to the left, there was a door to that wall, and a poster of my favourite movie “Princess Mononoke”.

Then back to the same spot again was my bed. The bedsheet was of a milky blue shade. And beside the bed was a wooden side table. I had my alarm clock and a small lamp on it. There lies the tickets that YooBin and I had bought for the play… Wait, that was right, I had a play to rush to.


I rushed out of the room, towards the bathroom.


The week before, YooBin and I had stood in front of the bulletin board in the school hall, squealing at what we saw.

“SooKyung ah. I so have to go for this! I heard that the drama club president, Tablo, is going to be performing for the last time before he graduates!! Oooh~ He is such a hottie.” YooBin pulled at my sleeve real hard.

I froze and stopped squealing.

“What? You want to go for to this play just for that guy? You don’t even know him.” YooBin’s shoulders slumped, lips pouting but quickly regained her energy again.

“You know Ye Eun from the senior grade? No? She agreed to let me in to the dressing room to meet him after the show.” She beamed.

Unbelievable. I shook my head and then looked up at the notice again.

“You are coming with me too, aren’t you? You won’t let me go alone right?” YooBin was at her innocent voice again.

“No. I will be going.” I said, quietly.

Yes, unbelievable – I was actually going to see the story that I wrote – “Night Blossoms”.


Great, I glanced at my watch. I was not late.

By the time I reached the entrance theatre building all panting and perspiring, I could catch the glimpse of YooBin hopping up and down impatiently at the theatre lobby.

“There you are! Oh, what’s with that cardigan?” YooBin tugged at my clothes. She was at her usual style – knitted turtle-necks and tight shorts; medium length boots; small handy purse – she even had a beanie on today – everything on her totally flattered her. I looked down at myself – comfortable jeans, white top and a grey cardigan outside – I must look pretty bad next to YooBin. But it had always been the case.

“Let’s go in,” I could tell that YooBin couldn’t wait.

Night Flowers is a story about forbidden love between two siblings, HeeJin and JoonHo, who only grew to know the truth of their special relationship only after their love had blossomed. There was also MyunHo who was their best friends, and who had fallen for HeeJin.

The play went on great. They left out a few scenes which, I thought, would had made it an even better performance. The actors were great, it was as though my story had came alive.

I realised that “JoonHo” was a really captivating person. He talked with sparks in his eyes. His high nose bridge, those small eyes and that smile – he was just like the JoonHo in my story.

Finally, this was the scene.

I had been waiting real patiently for this scene to come. It was the scene where JoonHo would say his last goodbye to HeeJin – they were parting.

I was moved close to tears, I could feel the sorrow that HeeJin felt as though I was still writing the story right then. I remembered the line that JoonHo would tell her:

“Next life, noona. Next life, you can be anyone, you can be very ugly, but please don’t be my noona again. Give me the chance to love you.”

He was saying this very line, “Next life, noona. Next life, you can be anyone, you can be very ugly, but please don’t be my noona again…”

And then, there was silence.

I was too drowned in my own emotions. I waited for “JoonHo” to continue with his line. But he did not.

I looked up, my eyes met his – “JoonHo” was looking straight at me……



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