Doesn’t he remember me?


Lessons had started and our teacher, Miss Baek Ji Young was talking to the class about something that has to do with graduating. But I could feel YooBin busy throwing funny looks towards my way and then to Joon Young sitting behind me. I barely returned a nervous glance.

Doesn’t he?

I was too busy playing around with the question in my head, and the flashbacks of what happened at the play last winter had came back again.

Did that happened at all? Was it real?

I got dizzy from all that thinking.

“Ah, I can’t think.” I didn’t realised that I had just said that out loud.

“Yes, and what was that you were saying Miss Sookyung?” Miss Baek said sharply, turning away from the blackboard. There were an instant wave of giggle. Startled, I looked up.

“Hmm. Nothing.”

“I hope you were thinking hard about the question that I’ve just posted to the class – regarding graduation day.”

“Graduation day? What graduation day?” The class went into another wave of laughing, this time less polite than the previous one. I figured that I must have seemed real foolish. And I could feel Joon Young’s eyes burning into the whole of my back.

“Please pay attention in class, Miss Sookyung.” Miss Baek gave me a long look, shifted her glasses higher up on her nose bridge, and cleared her throat. ” Back to the textbook, folks.”

I nodded sheepishly.

After class that day, Joon Young rushed out the class even before I had the time to buck up any courage to talk to him. Immediately, the class sprang into life again. Already, Joon Young has became the talk of the class.

“Guess what i saw? That se-kia came to school chauffeured in a BMW,” KangIn was waving his arms dramatically in the air.

“Isn’t this Joon Young hawt?” SunYe voice spiked the hype going around the classroom. “I’ve reserved him. He is mine.” The rest of her group broke up in roars of laughter.

“Sookyung ah, isn’t this Joon Young the guy at the play? I wonder why he is here. What a time to transfer in in the graduating year.” YooBin turned towards me at her seat.

I shrugged. But what I really want to know is what exactly happened on the day of the play last winter.


Some luck I have.

I couldn’t wake up on time again. The alarm clock rang on time in the morning, but somehow my hands found their way to it at the side table and silenced it. I jumped up from my guilt sleep one hour later to pull at my own hair – I can’t be late for school, I have a mock test to sit for. I scrambled out of the empty apartment. I had lived in that apartment alone for 4 years, I have no one to give me any wake-up call or to make me breakfast.

I ran towards the bus stop. The bus came in a while, but it was too packed, I managed to squeeze my way onto the steps of the bus. But as expected, the late morning traffic is a killer. I was trying to hold back a scream at every red traffic light. It was a painful one hour ride to school, and I ran all the way from the bus stop to school, but still, by the time I reached school the discipline headmaster, Mr. Kang has already positioned himself in the middle of the school gate with his long wooden rule.

I sidestepped a little to avoid from letting him seeing me and started walking carefully in the opposite way to the back of the school. I swatted down amongst the bushes, around the fences at the back of the school looking for “Open sesame”. “Open sesame” is the name of a hole that was cut into the fence by some ex-students behind the school. I’ve heard everyone used it when they were late for school.

“Hmm. Where is it? I heard DongHae said it is somewhere around here.” I mumbled to myself as I plied through the tall grasses around the fence. I held up my watch to look at the time. Great, I am so dead. Then, there I found it, and i started pulling at the edges of the cut-ins to open up a hole big enough for me to crawl in.

My right leg went in first, feeling for concrete ground of the abandoned basketball court behind the school. Sense of happiness came back to me, at least I made my way into the school without getting past Mr Kang……

Right then, I felt a firm hand on my shoulder. I froze.

Maybe, I am really done for.

I cringed. Then slowly, I turned around. Instead of Mr Kang’s big and broad face, I was greeted by those eyes.

“Can you take me into the school with you too? Since we’re both late for class.” It was Joon Young.

Unable to even blink, I could only nod numbly.


We made our way successfully into the back of the school. The silence in the school compound rang at my ears – the mock exams must have started already. I signalled for Joon Young to start making our way towards our classroom block.

Our footsteps sounded louder than usual along the clean hallway. We peeked in through the back door of our classroom, there was no invigilator inside. Joon Young turned and nodded at me, I held on to the back of his bag and we inched our way quietly into the classroom.

“Just where do you think the two of you are going?” Miss Baek stood right behind us, her voice filled up the long and empty hallway.


For the rest of the day, we were made to stand outside the classroom. I made a face. So much for trying so hard to get into the school. Shuffling my legs, I took a sideway peek, Joon Young was reaching into his bagpack for something. I looked ahead again and let out a sigh. What a day.

I felt something being pushed into my hand. I looked down, it was a piece of plaster. I looked at Joon Young.

“Your knee. It is bleeding.”

I looked down absentmindedly at the cut. Suddenly, my knee felt painful.

“Ah, pain. I didn’t realised that I had a cut there. “ But he noticed. I tried to bent down to apply the plaster. But Joon Young went down to the ground faster than I could. He took the plaster from me.

“It was fun, coming to school in such a way.” Joon Young said as he applied the plaster onto the cut lightly.

“Next time you decide to take such a route into the school again, count me in.” He looked up smiling.